About Leach Johnson Song & Gruchow

LJSG's attorneys draw on their legal and real world experience to assist clients in the areas of common-interest community law, civil/commercial litigation, real estate law, eminent domain law, creditor rights in bankruptcy, transactional practice, and administrative law. Its professionals have handled cases before the Nevada Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. Federal District Court (Nevada), U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court (Nevada), Federal Bankruptcy Appellate Panel - Ninth Circuit, and Eighth Judicial District Court (Clark County). LJSG's professionals have also represented numerous clients in various alternative dispute resolution venues and in administrative settings.

Although LJSG offers much more than a common-interest community practice group, LJSG takes pride in the fact that its origins began with the concept of providing a full-range common-interest community practice group to association clients - to which LJSG is firmly dedicated. LJSG's common-interest community practice includes corporate representation of common-interest and time-share associations, litigation matters involving associations, protection of the association's rights in bankruptcy, and lien filing and foreclosure proceedings. LJSG draws on the background of attorneys who practiced common-interest community law before the creation of a statutory scheme related to common-interest communities, which attorneys were among the initial drafters of that statutory scheme and who continue to be leaders in refining common-interest community standards, including participation in drafting common-interest community legislation and meetings with legislators involved in common-interest community legislation. Its attorneys regularly speak at seminars related to common-interest community law.